Meet Jade



Meet Jade, a 42-year-old whose life story is a testament to resilience and unbreakable spirit. Her journey has been marred by domestic violence, which led to a painful struggle with drug addiction, culminating in a heart-wrenching period of homelessness spanning over 11 years. For the safety of her children, Jade made the brave decision to sign them over to foster care.

Now, Jade has found the strength to break free from her addiction, marking a turning point in her life. Currently, Jade is in crisis accommodation, diligently working towards finding stable employment and housing. In addition to her personal goals, Jade enjoys giving back to the community by volunteering her time. In the future, she would like to secure employment that allows her to help others, becoming a beacon of hope and strength not only for her children but also for those in need. 

Her main aspiration is to regain her independence and stability, find comfort and confidence in herself once again, and create a better future for her family.